What types of pets do you pet sit?
We will pet sit for all breeds of dogs, cats, birds, fish and rabbits. Sorry…no exotics or snakes. We reserve the right to turn down the assignment if the animal is especially aggressive.

How late or early in the day may I schedule a walk for my dog?
8AM to 9PM.

I have to work late today; can I schedule a walk for my dog this afternoon?
If we already have your key and service contract, we will make every effort to accommodate you. We cannot, however, guarantee service with less than 24 hours notice.

I'm a new customer, how much advance notice do you require?
In order to guarantee service, we must have at least 2 days advance notice. This gives us time to schedule a consultation visit and meet your pet.

I’d like to use your services. What do I do next?
Just give us a call or send us an email. We will schedule a free consultation with you and your pet so that we can all get acquainted. At that time, the A1A pet sitter will describe our services in detail and he/she will fill out a client questionaire that contains valuable information about you and your pet. This information includes your pet’s feeding schedule, any medications they are taking, and exercise requirements. It also gives us valuable information about you which will enable us to reach you or your vet should an emergency arise. Our pet sitter will then spend some time getting to know your pet. If you decide to use our services, our pet sitter will describe our contract. This contract describes in detail what you expect us to do, and when you expect us to do it. At that time you should have a spare key to your residence ready.

You mention administration of medication. Do you give shots?
No we don’t but we’ll be happy to administer any other medications prescribed by your veterinarian.

What if my pet becomes ill while I’m away?
Your pet sitter will closely observe the physical condition of your pet each time he/she visits. We will contact both you and your vet if anything seems out of the ordinary. If a vet visit is necessary, we will transport your pet to the vet, administer any medications prescribed and monitor your pet’s condition.

Will the pet sitter who comes to my home for the consultation always be the person taking care of my pets?
We believe that in order for you to feel comfortable with your pet’s sitter, you must meet the person and have a chance to get to know them before you trust your pets with them. Yes, the person who comes to the consultation will be your pet’s sitter. We reserve the right, however, to substitute another A1A pet sitter should, for example, your pet’s sitter become ill, or have an accident. We can assure you, however, the only person taking care of your pet will be an insured, bonded A1A pet sitter.

Do you perform any other services?
In addition to attending to the happiness and well being of your pet, we also provide, at no additional charge, other services. This includes collection of mail, handling of trash and recycling, and such activities as adjusting blinds and/or lights to give your home a "lived in" appearance while you’re away. We will also do some light houseplant watering, and check pool levels.

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